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Midland Community Former Offenders Advocacy and Rehabilitation (MCFOAR)

July 11, 2017

Statistical Report

Statistical information and successes since 1/2013

Presently, 610 client files in office: 274 of said clients have served prison sentences, 336 clients are former Midland County Jail inmates, or other.

Employment assistance: Since its inception in January of 2013, MCFOAR has placed over 269 clients with employment; this is out of 327 clients requesting such assistance. Our placement percentage of over 82% is astonishing considering the barriers that many of our clients face.

Many other clients of MCFOAR are on Social Security Disability, Social Security Income, Pensions, or have found work on their own, or had opportunities available to them after incarceration.

Housing Assistance: During the same time period, MCFOAR has assisted 154 of 156 (99%) clients requesting move-in or emergency rental assistance. The two that were not assisted were unable to show sustainable income or ability to maintain their housing.

* Employment and Housing are the major predictors of whether or not a former offender will reoffend.

Statistical information and successes for the two-year period: 7/11/15-7/11/17

Note: MCFOAR uses this two-year measurement because the State and National figures are based on a two-year period.

MCFOAR has received 94 former prison inmates as clients since July 11, 2015. Of those, only 6 are now re-incarcerated in our State Prison System. That is a 6% recidivism rate.

The present rate of recidivism across the state is approximately 30% and the national rate is closer to 51%.

The reduction in recidivism rate is a substantial savings to the citizens of Midland County in regard to Midland County Jail housing cost, law enforcement judicial system, and most importantly the lower number of victims in our community. All of this makes Midland a safer and more attractive area to businesses and new residents.

Statistics related to cost of housing MDOC prison inmates

The average cost of housing 1 prisoner for 1 year in the Michigan State Prison System is up to $43,000.

2017 Grants Received:

  • Dow Chemical Donor Advised Grant for $10,000.00
  • Dow Corning Donor Advised Grant for $8,000.00
  • WalMart Corporation for $500
  • Comerica Bank, Midland Office $250
  • Comerica Corporate for $250

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